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Imam Ja’far ibne Muhammad as-Sadiq (peace be upon him) has said that: “Reciting the Qur’an from the pages of the Qur’an (meaning to look at it and recite it - not from memory) lightens the punishment of one’s mother and father, even if they are both disbelievers.” Usulul Kafi, Volume 2, Page 613
Verses، [ Number of records : 137 ]
And stay very often in your houses and do not exhibit your beauty and ornaments as in the manner of the women of the Time of Ignorance; establish prayer, and pay alms and obey Allah and His Messenger. Verily, Allah's Will is to remove away impurity from you, the people of the Messenger's Household ... [Al-Ahzab , 33 ]
O, wives of the Messenger! You are not like an ordinary woman: You are to be an example of piety, so do not speak with a soft voice while speaking to a man lest he , in whose heart is a disease may feel tempted for you; and speak in the manner of enjoining good; [Al-Ahzab , 32 ]
But whoever of you who is a humble believer of Allah and seeks Messenger's pleasure and does righteous deeds, to her We shall bestow her reward doubled and We have prepared for her a worthy sustenance [in the Paradise.] [Al-Ahzab , 31 ]
Firown considered himself above all in the land and made its people into sects, [the Egyptians ruled over the Children of Israel]; he slaughtered the sons of the Israelites and left their women alive to work as maids and slave-girls. He was indeed one of the corrupt rulers in the history; [Al-Qasas , 4 ]
Her Creator& Nurturer accepted her with His Gracious Acceptance and made her grow pure and graceful, growing [to be a mother of a Messenger], and appointed Zakariya in charge of her guardianship. Every time he entered the sanctuary, he found her [supplied] with sustenance. Once he said: "O, ... [An-Nur , 14 ]
And (We sent) Lut when he said to his people: Most surely you are guilty of an indecency which none of the nations has ever done before you; [Al-'Ankabut , 28 ]
But the answer of his people was no other except that they said: Turn out Lut's followers from your town; surely they are a people who would keep pure! [An-Naml , 56 ]
What! do you indeed approach men lustfully rather than women? Nay, you are a people who act ignorantly. [An-Naml , 55 ]
But she pointed to him. They said: How should we speak to one who was a child in the cradle? [Maryam , 29 ]
Surely the righteous shall drink of a cup the admixture of which is camphor [Al-Insaan , 5 ]
And she said to his sister: Follow him up. So she watched him from a distance while they did not perceive [Al Qasas , 11 ]
16. And why did you not, when you heard it, say: It does not beseem us that we should talk of it; glory be to Thee! this is a great calumny? [AN -NUR , 16 ]
And the heart of Musa's mother was free (from anxiety) she would have almost disclosed it had We not strengthened her heart so that she might be of the believers. [Al-Qasas , 10 ]
It was said to her: Enter the palace; but when she saw it she deemed it to be a great expanse of water, and bared her legs. He said: Surely it is a palace made smooth with glass. She said: My Lord! surely I have been unjust to myself, and I submit with Sulaiman to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. [An-Naml , 44 ]
On that day Allah will pay back to them in full their just reward, and they shall know that Allah is the evident Truth. [An-Nur , 25 ]
O you who believe! do not follow the footsteps of the Shaitan, and whoever follows the footsteps of the Shaitan, then surely he bids the doing of indecency and evil; and were it not for Allah's grace upon you and His mercy, not one of you would have ever been pure, but Allah purifies whom He ... [An-Nur , 21 ]
Surely (as for) those who love that scandal should circulate respecting those who believe, they shall have a grievous chastisement in this world and the hereafter; and Allah knows, while you do not know. [An-Nur , 19 ]
Allah admonishes you that you should not return to the like of it ever again if you are believers [An-Nur , 17 ]
[Yusuf said:] "I asked for this, so that the governor may know that I did not betray him in his absence; verily, Allah does not give way to the guile of the traitors; [Yusuf , 52 ]
The king sent for the women and said: "What happened then when you asked an evil act of Yusuf?" They said: "Allah is far from any imperfection. We do not know any evil against him." The wife of Aziz said: "Now the truth has become disclosed, I was the one who tried to seduce him, and he is surely of ... [Yusuf , 51 ]
Have you noticed how Allah has set forth a parable? A good word is as a good tree whose root is fixed and firmed [in the earth] and its branches reach towards the heaven; [Ibrahim , 24 ]
Verily, We sent down the Holy Quran in the Night of Qadr [Al-Qadr , 1 ]
This Supreme Divine Light is bestowed on the houses which are honored by having the permission of mentioning Allah's Name and Celebrating Allah's Absolute Purity in the morning and the evening; [An-Nur , 36 ]
Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth; the similitude of Allah's Light is a Niche in which there is a lamp and the lamp-shade is a shining star lit from a blessed olive tree which does not belong either to the East or to the West. The oil which does not need to be kindled by matches or any ... [An-Nur , 35 ]
O, Yusuf! Overlook this incident; and you O woman! Ask Forgiveness for your sin, surely you are one of the sinners." [Yusuf , 29 ]
When you received it with your tongues and spoke with your mouths what you had no knowledge of, and you deemed it an easy matter while with Allah it was grievous. [An-Nur , 15 ]
And his wife shall enter the Hell while carrying wood for the Fire, [Al-Masad , 4 ]
[O, Messenger!] We have bestowed upon you Good in Abundance. [Al-Kauthar , 1 ]
Verily, those who tortured the believing men and women and then did not repent, for them shall be the Chastisement of the Hell; and for them will be the Chastisement of the Fire. [Al-Buruj , 10 ]
And also Maryam daughter of Imran who was a chaste woman; and We breathed in her a spirit from Our Own Presence; and she testified to the Truth of her Creator's Words of Revelation and His Books; and she was of the obedient worshippers of Allah. [At-Tahrim , 12 ]
And Allah has set forth examples among those who believed [of women]: The wife of Firown when she prayed: "O, My Creator& Nurturer! Please construct for me a home in the Paradise in Your Presence and save me from Firown and his wrongdoings and save me from this people who are all wrongdoers." [At-Tahrim , 11 ]
And Allah has set forth examples among those who believed [of women]: They were the wife of Nuh and the wife of Lut they married two of Our righteous believers and they both betrayed their husbands by opposing their Mission and their Faith. But their husbands [though Messengers] could not intercede ... [At-Tahrim , 10 ]
And if he gives you a divorce, by Allah's Favor he will have better wives in your place who will be submissive, good believer, obedient, constant invoker to Allah and observer of fast, they may be from among widows or virgins. [At-Tahrim , 5 ]
[Then they were addressed:] If you two [wives of the Messenger] turn in repentance to Allah, [it is for your benefit] since your hearts are deviated; and if you back up each other against him [you will be the losers] since Allah is his Guardian; and Jebrail and the righteous of the believers are his ... [At-Tahrim , 4 ]
Once the Holy Messenger disclosed a matter in confidence to one of his wives and she reported it to another; so Allah Informed him; and he made known a part of it and passed over a part; so when the Messenger told her about what he had known she said: "Who Informed you of this?" He said: "Informed ... [At-Tahrim , 3 ]
O, Messenger! Why do you hold forbidden, what Allah has made lawful to you? You did this in order to please your wives and Allah is the Merciful Forgiving, [so He will forgive your mistake.] [At-Tahrim , 1 ]
O, Messenger! When the [newly] believing women come to you for the oath of alllegiance, that they will not consider any partner for Allah, that they will not steal, that they will not commit fornication, that they will not forge a lie and relate their unlawful children to their husbands and that ... [Al-Mumtahana , 12 ]
What Allah has put at the disposal of His Messenger, taken from the people of the townships, belongs to Allah, to His Messenger and his relatives and orphans and to the poor and to the wayfarers; since these booties should not fall in the hands of the wealthy men among you; so take what your ... [Al-Hashr , 7 ]
Then his wife came to them smiting on her face said with a loud voice: "I am an old barren woman, [how can I bear a child]" [Az-Zariyat , 29 ]
Except his wife, the old woman who remained with the corrupt people; [As-Saffat , 135 ]
O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war, and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts, and the daughters of ... [Al-Ahzab , 50 ]
It is not lawful for you to marry other women from now on; nor to replace one by another, though their beauty be pleasing to you, except that you possess as slave [regarded as war booty] and Allah is the Overseer over all things. [Al-Ahzab , 52 ]
O, Messenger! Due to the responsibility that you are in charge and because you cannot observe the rotation of your wives regularly, so you can defer or postpone the turn of which of them to suit your situation and program so if one of them is deprived from her turn you can compensate in your ... [Al-Ahzab , 51 ]
And [you wives of the Messenger] should rehearse and publish what is recited in your homes, of Allah's Words of Revelation and of the Divine Wisdom. Verily, Allah is the Informed Owner of Precision. [Al-Ahzab , 34 ]
And stay very often in your houses and do not exhibit your beauty and ornaments as in the manner of the women of the Time of Ignorance; establish prayer, and pay alms and obey Allah and His Messenger. Verily, Allah's Will is to remove away impurity from you, the people of the Messenger's Household ... [Al-Ahzab , 33 ]
O, wives of the Messenger! You are not like an ordinary woman: You are to be an example of piety, so do not speak with a soft voice while speaking to a man lest he , in whose heart is a disease may feel tempted for you; and speak in the manner of enjoining good; [Al-Ahzab , 32 ]
But whoever of you who is a humble believer of Allah and seeks Messenger's pleasure and does righteous deeds, to her We shall bestow her reward doubled and We have prepared for her a worthy sustenance [in the Paradise.] [Al-Ahzab , 31 ]
O, wives of the Messenger! Whoever of you who commits improper and shameful acts, the Punishment will be doubled for her, and this is easy for Allah; [Al-Ahzab , 30 ]
"But if you seek Allah's Way and the Messenger's pleasure and the Abode of Hereafter, in that case, be sure that Allah has prepared for the good-dooers of you a valuable reward." [Al-Ahzab , 29 ]
O, Messenger! Proclaim to your wives: "If you are prefer the life of this world and its luxury then come and I will provide valuable gifts and left you free [from the marriage bond] in a fair manner; [Al-Ahzab , 28 ]
The Messenger is closer to the believers than their relatives and more entitled to respect; and his wives are the mothers of the Believers. And the relatives are more priviledged regarding the inheritance than the Assisters and the Mohajers, according to Allah's Decree in the Book unless some of you ... [Al-Ahzab , 6 ]
When Our Divine Emissaries came to Lut he became worried [since they appeared as young men and he feared the corrupt homosexuals might approach his guests and cause a shameful scene]. But the Angels of chastisement said: "Do not fear and do not feel worry, we will surely save you and your followers ... [Al-'Ankabut , 33 ]
Ibrahim became worried, so he said: "But Lut is one of the inhabitants of the town." They said: "We know only so well who lives there, but we will save him and his followers and his family except his wife; she is to remain behind to be destroyed." [Al-'Ankabut , 32 ]
So when Mussa completed his term, he departed with his family from Madyan for Egypt. On his way he noticed a fire in the direction of Tur Mount. He said to his people: "You better wait here; I see a fire; I go to get you some information about the area or I may bring you some burning fire that you ... [Al-Qasas , 29 ]
Shuaib said to Mussa: "I intend to wed one of my daughters to you on the contract basis that you serve me for eight years, but if you complete your service for ten years, it will be a favor on your side; but know that I do not intend to impose any hardship on you; if Allah Wills you will find out ... [Al-Qasas , 27 ]
One of the girls said: "O, my father! Hire him; verily, the best man to be hired; he is a strong and trusty man who can help you in the affairs." [Al-Qasas , 26 ]
Then one of the two women came to him walking bashfully and said to him: "My father invites you to our house to pay your wage for watering our sheep." So when he came to Shuaib and told him his story, he said: "Do no fear! From now on you are secured from the tyrant people." [Al-Qasas , 25 ]
And when he came to the water of Madyan, he found on it a group of men watering, and he found besides them two women keeping back (their flocks). He said: What is the matter with you? They said: We cannot water until the shepherds take away (their sheep) from the water, and our father is a very old ... [Al-Qasas , 23 ]
So We returned him back to his mother, to be the joy of her eyes and that she should know that Allah's Promise is true, though most of people do not know this. [Al-Qasas , 13 ]
And Firown's wife said: "He is a joy for my eyes and yours; do not kill him; we may benefit from his being with us; we might as well choose him for a step-son." They did not know anything about his Ordained Fate; [Al-Qasas , 9 ]
So We inspire Musa's mother: "Suckle him, but when you felt he is in danger [put him in a chest] and cast him into the sea; do not fear do not feel distressed for We shall return him to you and We will appoint him one of the Messengers of Ours." [Al-Qasas , 7 ]
We delivered him and his family; his wife was excluded: We had Ordained for her to remain behind with those who were to be destroyed; [An-Naml , 57 ]
And indeed I feel worry about my relatives after me [since they are unable to carry out the Divine Services entrusted to me] furthermore my wife is barren, so bestow me from Your Presence an heir, [Maryam , 5 ]
Zakariya said: "O, my Creator& Nurturer! How can there be a son for me while my wife is barren and because of old age I have reached the extreme infirmity?" [Maryam , 8 ]
And what she worshipped besides Allah prevented her, surely she was of an unbelieving people. [An-Naml , 43 ]
So when she came, she was asked: "Is this your throne?" She said: "Looks like it; we had received knowledge about the Divine Power of the Messenger before we came here; and now we are Muslims [submitted to Allah's Will]." [An-Naml , 42 ]
Solaiman said: "Cause some alterations in the throne, to see whether she recognizes it i.e. is she guided to the Truth or she is one of those who are not prone to guidance." [An-Naml , 41 ]
Solaiman said to his men: "O, you noblemen! Which of you can bring here the throne of the queen before they come to me submissively?" [An-Naml , 38 ]
And now I am going to send a gift of some value to them; and wait and see how they react and with what response they will return my envoys." [An-Naml , 35 ]
The queen said: "Verily, when the kings overtake a land, they spoil and plunder it; and cause disgrace and affliction to the noblemen of the community and make them work under the meanest people; and this is how they act." [An-Naml , 34 ]
The chiefs said: "We are strong and well equipped for any war but the decision remains with you, the queen. Now see what you consider is best to order." [An-Naml , 33 ]
The queen said: "O, chiefs! Provide me with your advice; not a single affair I have decided without your consulation." [An-Naml , 32 ]
The queen said: "O, chiefs! Verily, an important letter has been cast to me: [An-Naml , 29 ]
"I found her and her people worshipping the sun instead of Allah and Satan has made their deeds fair-seeming to them and has hindered them from the straight path, so they will not be guided; [An-Naml , 24 ]
"I found that a woman is the king of the land; and she owns everything in the world that could be possessed; and she has a mighty throne; [An-Naml , 23 ]
Except an old perverted woman, who stayed behind [with the evildoers]; [Ash-Shu'araa , 171 ]
Surely those who spread evil rumors about the chaste believing women who are unaware of the plot, they are despised and cursed in this world and for them there will be a grievous chastisement in the Hereafter as well; [An-Nur , 23 ]
And We appointed the Son of Maryam and his mother a Sign of Divine Miracle and We decided their dwelling place to be on a lofty ground with security and springs. [Al-Muminun , 50 ]
And [O, Messenger!] remind them of the woman who preserved her chastity and We sent a Spirit from Our Own Presence to her; and We appointed her and her son a Sign of the Divine Miraculous Power for the people of the world. [Al-Anbiyaa , 91 ]
So We responded to his invocation: And bestowed him a son, called Yahya, and We healed his wife who suffered from barrenness. They were indeed the sort of people who raced in doing acts of charity; and they invoked to Us both out of zeal and love and also out of fear [that they might have done some ... [Al-Anbiyaa , 90 ]
Then Allah stated: "You go down to the earth with enmity to one another. But when a Guidance comes from Me to you whoever obeys my Guidance neither goes astray nor he will suffer; [Ta-Ha , 123 ]
So [being tempted by Satan] they both ate from the fruit of the Tree and so their shame parts appeared; and they began to cover themselves with leaves of the trees of the Garden; thus Adam disobeyed his Creator& Nurturer and fell into error. [Ta-Ha , 121 ]
And We stated: "O, Adam! Verily, this [Iblis] is the real enemy of you and your wife, so he might cause that you two be expelled from the Paradise upon which you will fall into sufferage and disaster;" [Ta-Ha , 117 ]
[Thus she was inspired:] "Put the child in a box and throw the box into the sea; the sea will cast him on the bank; and he will be taken up by the person who is an enemy to Me and to him. [i.e., to Mussa]" and I did cast a ray of My Affection to you in order that you may grow up and receive training ... [Ta-Ha , 39 ]
"When We conveyed a message to your mother by inspiration; [Ta-Ha , 38 ]
Lut said: [pointing to them] "These are my daughters, you can marry them if you wish." [Al-Hijr , 71 ]
O, sister of Harun! your father was not a corrupt man and your mother was not unchaste woman." [Maryam , 28 ]
Then she carrying him [the baby] in her bosom came to her family. They said:"O, Maryam! Indeed you have committed a terrible thing!" [Maryam , 27 ]
"So eat of the fresh date and be happy. Then if you see some people around here say: "I have vowed to Ar-Rahman a silence fast and today I will not speak to anyone." [Maryam , 26 ]
"And shake the branch of the palm-tree towards you, it will come tumbling upon you fresh and ripe dates; [Maryam , 25 ]
Then a voice cried to her from the inside of her womb: "Do not be sorrowful; verily, your Creator& Nurturer has provided a stream close to your feet; [Maryam , 24 ]
And the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm-tree [in order to lean against it] while saying: "If only I had died before this and had been forgotten." [Maryam , 23 ]
The Spirit said: "It will be so. Your Creator& Nurturer states: "That is easy for Me and We will appoint him a Sign for Our Grace to mankind; this Divine Decision is a matter already Ordained." [Maryam , 21 ]
Maryam said: "How can I have a son when no man has touched me and I have never been an unchaste woman?" [Maryam , 20 ]
The Spirit said: "I am a Divine Emissary of your Creator& Nurturer and I have come to give you glad-tidings of a pure and pious son." [Maryam , 19 ]
She said: "I seek refuge from you to Ar-Rahman, [do not come near] if you fear Him" [Maryam , 18 ]
And she chose reclusion from them then We sent to her the Spirit [of Light] from Our Presence who presented himself to her in the form of a human being; [Maryam , 17 ]
And [O, Messenger!] mention in the Holy Book [the story of] Maryam when she isolated herself from her people to a place in the Eastern part of the city;  [Maryam , 16 ]
Has then your Creator& Nurturer giving you [Pagans] sons and chosen for Himself daughters from among the Angels? You speak a very strange word indeed! [Al-Israa , 40 ]
And they assign daughters to Allah, Who is above having a child [whether male or female] and to themselves they assign what they desire [which is a male child] [An-Nahl , 57 ]

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