Name of Chapter Az-Zukhruf , 12 verses Number 12

وَالَّذِي خَلَقَ الْأَزْوَاجَ كُلَّهَا وَجَعَلَ لَكُم مِّنَ الْفُلْكِ وَالْأَنْعَامِ مَا تَرْكَبُونَ


Translation (Tahereh Saffarzadeh): And Allah is the One Who created all creatures in pairs and has made for you ships and cattle to ride,

Translation (M.H. Shakir): And He Who created pairs of all things, and made for you of the ships and the cattle what you ride on,


Source: Tafsir-e-Nemouneh (Exemplary) in Brief, Volume: 5, Page: 589-591, Chapter: 43, Surah: Al-Zukhruf, Verse:12

Interpreter: Makarem Shirazi, Naser

Translator: Mansoor Aminy _ Baghbadorani

Publication Place: Amir-Al-Momenin Seminary, Qom - Iran 









      Faith in God is something deposited in the nature and instinct of Mankind. Even the polytheists confess that the Creator of the heavens and earth and whatever is created, is of surety All-knowing, All-power.

      This is because without knowledge and power, no one can create anything large or small, simple or complex.

      The above assertion is followed by the reasoning that the Creator is He who made the earth a cradle for us.

      A cradle is a place of rest for a baby, meanwhile it has a certain amount of movements and going to and fro. The earth on which we live, has several kinds of movementsِit spins round itself to create the night and day. It travels around the sun in an elliptical orbit, in order to make the four seasons. It has a polar long distance journey, in which it travels in accompany with the sun and all the planets of our solar system.

      It has its own internal shifts, and also its chemical and physical actions and reactions. Within its materials and matter, it has its molcular and atomic movements too.

      Should we think or believe that all the said movements are uncontrolled, or out of control, and that, no knowledge and power is needed to control things, and hold them stable in spite of all the dangerous movements?

      All the natural phenomena, and moving things in the universe, are naturally like an unruly and mulish horse, that they have to be harnessed by a headstall or a headgear, including a rein which must be held in the hand of the horseman. In this parable; the horse is the whole univers - the horseman is the All-knowing All-power Creator and controller, and the rein in his hand of power and knowledge is the Scientific Laws of Nature. God controls the whole universe by the scientific laws that Man has been aquainted with a very few of them and for controlling the nature Allah does not throw dice. He control with Laws and regulations and knowledge. Then the reference is made to the rain:-

      ``And it is Allah Who sent down the rain from sky in due measure, by which He revived the dead land.''

      How does the phenomenon of raining water, act?

      When the water, say that of the sea, is warmed enough, it will, according to its nature, vapourize. The water vapour will have to ascend for being lighter then water in the ocean of air; and according to the hydrostatic law, discovered by ARCHIMEDES.

      In its ascension, the water vapour may touch a cold layer of the air. This contact will turn the vapours to droplets of water once again. Being heavier now, the gravity of the earth will pull them down, as showers of rain, or drops of water; frozen or not frozen.

      O.K.! All the above process is done naturally, and in the frame of nature's laws and regulations. But we have left one important phrase of the above verse (NO.11) unexplained:-

      ``And It is He who sent down water from the sky IN DUE MEASURE.''

      All the above mentioned Power and Knowledge of God is needed to satisfy the phrase, ``IN DUE MEASURE'':-

      If there was no rain at all, thirst would kill plants, animals, and Man! Had there been more rain than enough, and than due measure; everything would be drowned! NO rain on mountains, no water in the river, and no life on the lands!



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