Name of Chapter An-Nabaa , 8 verses Number 8

وَخَلَقْنَاكُمْ أَزْوَاجًا


Translation (Tahereh Saffarzadeh): And We did create you in pairs [male and female to give you family and to maintain your generation]

Translation (M.H. Shakir): And We created you in pairs,



VERSE NO. 6-16
The above verses are answered to the questions about the great news of Resurrection Day.
Here a corner of the immense system of existense, which is founded upon wisdom, knowledge, justice and right; has been precisely calculated and measured, and proportionally adjusted, and rightly controlled. All the phenomena in the universe are clear signs and expressive hints of God, and also the reasons to prove his Infinite Grace and Mercy.
Such a wisely controlled system cannot be without an aim or object. On the other hand, we can see that without the promised Hereafter nothing can attain its ultimate goal in this fleeting period of life.
Ponder over the earth which is a cradle for the beginning of Mankind's evolution. And the mountains that are to hold the earth firmly and to stabilize its more than 20 kinds of movements, particularly against quakes and violent winds. Without mountains there shall be no safety for the creatures upon the earth.
Think of the spouses as the male and female, that console and comfort each other in their loving arms.
Consider Man's sleep in the covering of the nights which is an effective cause of rest and refreshment in Man. And how the shining sun has made the Day suitable for work.
Remarkable is the strange system and cycle of rain; through which the sea water is vapourized, then raised up, changed again to rain drop, fall in shower, creating steams, springs, and rivers and returning at least to the sea; with the result of greaion of grains, plants and gardens full of fruit trees. Each stage of the whole cycle is a miracle, and a clear sign of God; that pronounces His Oneness, Glory and Mercy. The light,darkness, heat, water, soil and vegetation that are referred to in the above verses are all proofs of the infinite power and wisdom of the All-knowing God.


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