Name of Chapter At-Takwir , 7 verses Number 7

وَإِذَا النُّفُوسُ زُوِّجَتْ


Translation (M.H. Shakir): And when souls are united



Here are a series of mystical metaphors implying the break-up of the order that now prevails in our solar system, when the resurrection day begins:-
``When the sun becomes condensed and ...''
In that awful change of universal order in this solar system, all the planets that revolve round the sun, including the earth, will shake and quake strangely, so much so that the mountains that now seem to be the most striking example of stability, will be set in such a motion that they disintegrate into gravel and dust.
Other signs pointed to here are:-
``And when the stars lose their lusters and scatter, and when the mountains are set in motion, and the seas will boil up.''
The first conditional clause in the above passage referred to, is the sun, which is the source of most of light, heat, gravity attraction and magestic energy, that surrounds us. So is the story that we shall be having an hour when the blessing of the sun will stop reaching us, until a new world and another system is created!
The Arabic word; ``KOVVERAT...TAKVIR'' literally means to hold up, or twist something like a sheet or a turban, but we have chosen its other shade of meaning for our translation, which is; ``CONDENSED'' because scientifically condensation may mean:-
``A reaction involving union between atoms in the same or different molecules to form a new compound of greater complexity, and frequently greater molecular weight or density.
So is the case with the sun when it stops radiation, and its supply of hydrogen expires, it reduces to a dense and heavier body.
Then, there comes the verse that attacks the awful and hateful infanticide:-
``And when those female infants who were buried alive are questioned; ``For what a sin she was thus slain?!''
One of the Most savage and dreadful actions of the pagan Arabs in pagan era, was the female infanticide. Of course, it was not general among them all, and only a couple of tribes practiced that.
When their wives gave birth to a child, they kept the male and buried the female alive. This was because women had no value in their sight, particularly when ladies were captivated in the battle it was a sign of shame and disgrace to them. Poverty too could be another reason of supporting such hateful motives.
This teribble custom of infanticide is still seen in modern and civilized societies in the form of the,``FREEDOM OF ABORTION'', through which foetuses are legally cast-off.
The pagan committed infanticide after delivery, but the civilized people kill them in their mothers womb under the guise of miscarriage!
However, QurÌn condemns this action, and counts it as a sin which is disgraceful and hateful.
Worthy of note that QurÌn does not say; the murderers will be questioned, but says; the innocent female infants will be asked for what a sin she was thus slain.


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