The west is accountable with regards to the destruction of woman's magnanimity
مقام معظم رهبری

Dec 17, 1992
 I have told spokespersons and propagators many times that we are not the ones who should defend themselves that concerning woman's issues. Rather it is the decadent culture of west that must defend itself. What we recommend for woman is something, which no just and thoughtful human will disapprove of and say that it is not virtuous. We invite woman to observe chastity, purity, Islamic modest dress, to not practicing limitless, unlawful intercourse between men and women, to safeguard human munificence, and to not beautify herself in front of unrelated non-mahram men for their pleasure. Are these things bad? This is Muslim woman's munificence. Those who encourage woman to beautify herself for men in the streets and shopping centers to watch in order to satisfy their sexual lusts are accountable to defend themselves as to why they have degraded woman to such low level and debased her.

Source: IRNA
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