all possible means to propagate immorality
مقام معظم رهبری

March 14, 1984
 Revolutionary nations possess combativeness, heroism, bravery, resistance, and integrity as long as they maintain their revolutionary spirit and up to when their youths, men, and women are observant of and maintain their chastity and piety. All will be over when they slip down the landslide of corruption, immorality, and licentiousness. This is what they wanted to do with Iran and unfortunately an appropriate agent was found, it was that Reza Khan who compelled women to appear in public places, prohibited veiling and made unveiling mandatory. Those who wanted to maintain their own piety and veiling had to stay cornered in their homes and spend the rest of their lives under this ill-fated circumstances, undoubtedly, that was not a successful experience. Americans and westerns later employed better ways with the help of the powerful theoreticians at their service to disseminate corruption. The extent of the matter was such that after 30 to 35 of mandatory unveiling in our country the state of women among our people (not all women) reached the point that they went beyond some of those women in societies who never believed in veiling. All means and propaganda were employed in order to ruin women's chastity and piety. Degrading the chastity and modesty of man and woman, normalizing unlawful relationships between woman and man, the social consequences occurring in this regard, and the various forms of corruption which were disseminated, these all have a detailed meaning and explanation which has been witnessed by the majority of our people.

Source: IRNA
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