Ladies Wearing the Islamic modest dress lacked security in the scientific, educational and social environment
مقام معظم رهبری

January 18, 1989
 Woman in the inefficient society of the debased imperial system was truly and multilaterally oppressed. Woman in our society and in our Iran was violated. If woman wanted to enter the scientific field she would have to abandon faith, piety and chastity. It was impossible for a Muslim woman to easily maintain her veiling, dignity and chastity in the educational, scientific and cultural academies. Could it have been possible for a woman with Islamic chastity and some veiling to walk in the streets of Tehran or of some other cities with ease? Do you think it was possible for her to not be offended verbally and through the actions of the licentious and alienated entangled in corruption, the souvenir of west?

Source: IRNA
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