Woman Belittled, Insulted and Considered as a Second Class Citizen
مقام معظم رهبری

March 21, 1992
 We left a long-term period behind where woman did not understand a role for herself and neither did men. During several centuries in our country as well as in other countries woman was belittled, humiliated and considered as an inferior being. This led to the fact that in our country, women were less educated, less involved in politics and less aware of current affairs than men. However, Iranian women's potentialities are exactly equal to that of Iranian men and they can attain the status, which is reserved in the world for those women who achieve prominence and important roles in the same manner as Iranian men do. For consecutive years, women were belittled both under the name of Islam, which of course the co-relation was untrue, as well as under the influence of the inherited ancient Iranian culture. This brought about a terrible situation for women in the society. Before the revolution, Islamic and revolutionary new thoughts were propounded but women were much less exposed than men to this training, consequently men made more progress than women did in the field of combat and politics. The very same situation exists in education and in engagement in social affairs.

Source: Jahan-e Eslam
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