Returning to the self and increase in culture and knowledge
مقام معظم رهبری

April 25, 1981
 We believe that woman must observe some guidelines and practice them. 1) Raising woman's level of culture and knowledge: In the past, due to many social traditions women were farther away from learning the Islamic references, for this same reason woman's depravation of the true Islamic culture as well as of human knowledge was greater than that of man. Therefore, a great emphasis must be paid to education, training, culture and knowledge. 2) Return to the inner self: Woman must free herself from the erroneous belief which, they brought about in her mind about herself. And that erroneous belief is that woman is a means for man's pleasure. This is an idea, which the arrogant and consumer culture of the west imposed on us. The fertile ground for this idea existed in the palaces of the monarchs and opulent of history and they were the first to scatter this wicked seed in the mind of the society but it was the west that took this to its peak. It may perhaps leave woman's mind with that same difficulty as that of man. Why, because both accepted this idea as a result of indoctrination for a long period of time.

Source: IRNA
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