Endeavor in order to attain knowledge and wisdom
Ayatullah Khamenei

Dec.15, 1992
 If for example among the population of 50 million of this country, 30 or 35 million humans of various ages are suited to take the country towards prosperity, half of these 35 million are women. Can they be ignored? Of course scholarship with all its greatness, in comparison to the spiritual nobility which God the Exalted bestowed on women is nothing. Imagine a woman who is at the peak of scholarship, but in human issues and relationships between the two genders she is abased, from your point of view is she admirable? Of course a woman who is a scholar is less inclined to be entangled in this. One of the consequences of lack of education is that it pulls woman more towards abasement. However depravity has no limit and perhaps a woman may be at a high level of scholarship but not know the honorable human treasure within her (which is also within men). This treasure consists of the endeavor of woman and man in attaining knowledge and wisdom and manifesting it in their being. Now if in a woman this treasure is covered and neglected and treated with indifference and disrespect, what value does her knowledge have? This is a matter of ethics that this human treasure must grow within woman and man. Accordingly, the issues of morality in our society must be manifested.

Source: IRNA
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