Young women's tendency toward Iranian woman's behaviour
مقام معظم رهبری

March 12, 1984
 The new beginning which has come about for Muslim women under the auspices of the Islamic revolution must trully be praised. Islam wants the blossoming of this bud to be the freshest and purest contrary to western and mundane culture. Today the Iranian woman is the role model for the Muslim women of other countries. In many Islamic countries of today whether they are Islamic Arab or non-Arab a movement towards Iranin woman's behaviour has occurred among young university women, university students, and especially among young women. For instance, they emulate the Iranian woman in hijab (Islamic modest dress) as well as in the acquisition of Islamic knowledge encountering resistance on the part of govenments. In one place they prohibited instruction of Islamic knowledge and in another they prohibited the hijab (Islamic modest dress) similar to that of Iranian women.

Source: IRNA
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