Those who throughout history ....
مقام معظم رهبری

Those who throughout history - whether in the jahiliyya of the past or that of the twentieth century - have tried to humiliate women and introduce them as interested in the artificial ornaments and embellishments and chained to fashion, costume, make-up and jewelry and as a means for practical entertainment have a special logic which is like snow and ice before the heat of the sun of the spiritual position of Fatima al-Zahra (AS); they thaw out and disappear. Islam introduces Fatima - the outstanding and distinguished celestial being - as a model and an ideal for women. On the one hand, there is her simple life, struggle, knowledge, speech, dedication, matrimony, motherhood, migration, presence in all political, military and revolutionary fields, and all her outstanding features which made great men feel reverence for it. On the other hand, her spiritual position, her worship, her prayers, her supplication, her celestial nature and the brightness of her spiritual aspect that was similar to that of the Master of the Faithful and the Prophet. This is what a woman is. This is the model for the Muslim woman.

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