Being woman a merit originally
مقام معظم رهبری

 in Islam's view, the responsibility of running the society and country falls on every individual men and women alike whereas the prime assignment of women at every social status lies in the foundation of family. "Islam's emphasis on women's family role never means it refuses their presence in other parts of society rather it is meant to prioritize the maternal and spousal role against other social functions especially when the survival and spiritual development of the mankind and the well being of society is a tribute to fruition of their function. No time ever the country has enjoyed such a scale of female researchers, scientists, intellectuals, authors, artists or activists as it does today. It shows that the Islamic views about Hijab never bar women from progress or sublimity rather they serve their talents and facilitate their growth. The views in fact belittle women. However, sometimes a perfect woman proves worthier than a perfect man. Woman is the gorgeous, fine, draped part of the Creation. The deadliest sin westerners are accountable for is that they demoted woman to a tool for publicity of commodities, money raising or awry sexualities, making incurable problems to befall on human community. in Islam's view, being woman is a merit originally and that women and men have their own status and role in the sagacious Divine Creation. Nevertheless, the attempt of several west-fascinated individuals to add to or cut part of the Islamic Statute or align them with some of the international conventions is absolutely wrong. Islamic ethics in family discourage men from bullying women. Nonetheless, ground must be prepared for due family relations either through consultation or law.

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