Fatemeh Zahra, the great miracle of Islam
مقام معظم رهبری

 In a speech to the huge gathering of celebrants, Ayatollah Khamenei described Hazrat Fatemeh as the great miracle of Islam, adding that the honorable woman had attained such a position that ranked her atop all the great women in history. Ayatollah Khamenei said: The blessed generation constitutes the true interpretation of the Sura of Kowsar in Koran. Every one of those immaculate Imams stands as a pathway of salvation for humanity. The Global Arrogance tries to annihilate the people's monotheist allegiance oriented towards the Twelve Vicegerents by obliterating their religious engagements and anti-oppression resolve. At present any provocation of Islamic denominations or incitation of discord would translate into a blow to Islam and promotion of America and Zionist regime's interests. Enemies of Islam out of their arrogant mood try to provoke discord among the Islamic groups and denominations through an assortment of ploys. Even though Islam enjoys a strong rational and philosophical base, no religious platform could survive or burgeon in the course of history unless it applies affection and heartfelt faith. The eulogists have a faith-building, culture-rearing role. They can cement the heart-bound link between the followers and their beloved Imams. For the same reason, they must perform such poems that help enhance the faith of their audience.

Source: www. leader.ir
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