: Leader Attends Ceremony Marking the Auspicious Birth Anniversary of Her Holiness Fatimah
مقام معظم رهبری

July 05, 2007
 Her Holiness Fatimah (greetings be upon her) attained such a high status in her short lifetime that she surpassed all the great women in the history of mankind. Another prominent characteristic of Her Holiness Fatimah (greetings be upon her) is manifested in the continuity of an auspicious generation which is a concrete evidence of the holy chapter “Kowsar”, and each one of the immaculate Imams (greetings be upon them) is a spiritual guide leading mankind on the path to salvation. In order to achieve their domineering and expansionist goals, the arrogant powers are trying to subvert monotheistic ideology and undermine the people’s adherence to religious foundations and dilute their opposition to oppression and domination through propaganda and cultural aggression. Today, any move to set the followers of different Islamic schools of thought against one another and foment discord and division among Muslims is a blow to Islam and an action that serves the interests of the United States and Zionism. The clashes between Palestinian groups and the internal conflict in Lebanon rather than struggle against the Zionist regime are only conducive to the goals of the United States and Israel. The enemies of Islam are using every stratagem to create discord and schism among the followers of different Islamic sects and pit the Islamic groups against each other. Although religion has strong rational and philosophical and dialectical foundations, no foundation will last forever in the history of mankind without benefiting from heartfelt beliefs and affections.

Source: www.khamenei.ir
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