Elite Female Personalities Call on the Leader
مقام معظم رهبری

July 04, 2007
 From the Islamic viewpoint, the task of managing the country and promoting social progress has been entrusted to all members of society, including both men and women. However, the most important role and responsibility of women, regardless of their social activities and capabilities, is their highly significant role and responsibility in their families. The emphasis that is placed by Islam on the unmatched significance of the women's role in their families by no means indicates opposition to the women's presence in various social arenas. What it actually indicates is the superiority of the women's capacity as mother and wife over their other functions and activities. The reason for the superiority of this role is that the survival and growth and exaltation of mankind and the preservation of peace of mind and moral soundness in society hinge upon the fulfillment of this role in an appropriate manner. the presence of masses of elite female personalities in Iran indicates the correctness and success of the attitude that is held by Islam and the Islamic Republic system toward women. In no era have there been scholarly and scientific and literary and artistic female personalities active in various spheres in our country as there are today. This reality shows that the Islamic viewpoint on the women’s dress, contrary to slovenliness, not only does not prevent the growth and exaltation of women, but that the observance of the Islamic precepts prepares the ground for and expedites the flourishing of the women’s talents and capabilities. It is up to the elite female personalities of the country to try to rectify the Western wrong attitude toward women. From the Islamic viewpoint, being a woman is a value in itself, and women and men each have a special status and nature and role in the world wisely created by the Almighty. The West’s instrumental use of women is an injustice to human community and a great betrayal of the women’s rights. Women constitute the beautiful and tender and covert aspect of the creation, and the greatest sin for which the Westerners should be held accountable is that they have demoted women to a tool for advertising commodities, making more money and satisfying sexual desires in an undisciplined and unlawful manner and, by doing so, they have caused human communities to suffer from incurable maladies. It is true that certain issues in the Islamic jurisprudence related to the precepts on women are not final words, and it is likely that as a result of the research done by a knowledgeable Islamic jurisprudent with a good command of the foundations and methods of jurisprudence, new conclusions will be reached. However, the attempts that are being made by some individuals who are daunted in the face of the West to modify the Islamic precepts in order to make them conform to the international conventions are totally misguided. Men should not take advantage of their physical power and some superior qualities and treat their wives harshly and unjustly. The observance of the Islamic ethic in families, a proper understanding of the Islamic principles and moral purification on the part of men will help to prevent the harsh and unjust treatment of women in families. Still, whether by giving admonition or by taking recourse to the law, the ground should be prepared for sound and proper relations in families.

Source: www.khamenei.ir
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