Backing for the women's rights in west is notheing but a deceit
مقام معظم رهبری

Dec. 17, 1992
 We ourselves support human rights exists, due to the fact that human rughts is a part of Islamic principles. Indeed what they propound, in our opinion is nothing but deceit and untruth. Consider how they support women's rights and how they back human rights as well. Today the arrosant, plunderers and dictators of the world and those who continue disregarding the rights of nations and who demolish the interests of the weak nations and who continue occupying territories belonging to the weak countries, today, hold the flag defending human and women's rights as well. It is evident that the Muslim nations will can not pay attention to them. That which is important is that you Muslum women, in particular you young and student ladies who are involved in scientific, social, and political affairs should follow this Islamic path seriously with total efforts and never stop trying. The pride and glory of the Islamic Republic is the Islamic and revolutionary training of the Muslim women.

Source: IRNA
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