Advocating woman's rights in the west is nothing except deception
مقام معظم رهبری

Dec 17, 1992
 We ourselves advocate human rights due to the Islamic injunctions. This is because the rights of the human being are among the Islamic principles. (Takbir). However, we view what they propound as nothing except deception and lies. That is what their support of woman's rights, and this is their support of human rights. Today the arrogant, dictators, world's plunderers, those who disregard the rights of the nations, who obliterate the interests of weak nations and the usurpers of the weak countries' lands, have taken hold of the flag in the defense of human and women's rights. It is obvious that the Muslim nations can not rely on them. What is important is that you Muslim women in particular young women, female university students and women employed in scientific, social, and political activities seriously follow this Islamic way with full effort and do not abandon it. (Takbir). The Islamic and revolutionary upbringing of Muslim woman is the source of honor and dignity for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Source: IRNA
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