Luring woman in the direction of triviality and towards economic exploitation by financiers
مقام معظم رهبری

Jan 18, 1999
 Big business, lowly, corrupted politicians and directors of covert organizations for political and economic affairs thought that if they lure women towards triviality they can make better use of this condition. Yes, where there is knowledge, politics are also there. Women move forward in the arena of knowledge and politics, but at what price? Currently woman in European and American countries and in countries where western culture predominantly prevails, not only a few female doctors or experts, or writers or the renown and elite but the general female public live under harsh and difficult conditions. Spousal abuse, and the abuse which exploiters impose on them, or harsh work which is put on women's shoulders is carried out under the name of their having brought women into the realm of society. Despite the fact that no opportunity exists for them to think, reflect and make decisions.

Source: IRNA
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