Hidden goals behind woman's liberation
مقام معظم رهبری

Dec. 17, 1992
 The day when Europeans had newly brought about industry (the beginning of the 19th century) and western capitalists created extensive factories they needed an undemanding and trouble-free cheap labor force. Therefore, they raised the talk of women's freedom in order to lure women from inside the family to factories, use her as a low wageworker, and fill their pockets and to do away with woman's praiseworthiness and magnitude. Today, that which propounded as women's freedom in the west is the continuation of that same thing. Therefore, the oppression that has been done to woman in western culture and the erroneous perception of woman that exists in the literary and cultural works of the west is unprecedented in all historical eras. In the past women have also been oppressed, but this general, all-encompassing and widespread oppression particular to recent eras stems from western civilization with woman being introduced as a means for men's pleasure. They labeled this woman's freedom, while in reality it was the freedom of immoral men to take advantage of women.

Source: IRNA
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