The Revolution and Ladies indifference to Luxury and glamorous extravagance
مقام معظم رهبری

Dec.14, 1992
 Tendency towards luxury decreased for sometime in our society. However, as indicated it is unfortunately growing in our society again. Therefore, the thoughtful and conscientious women of our society must discern this danger. Women must not lean towards luxury. Of course this is a danger for men too, but women are more vulnerable to this and in this matter men are often under the influence of their wives; therefore, you must struggle against it and not go to extremes in luxury and glamour. Of course it is all right in its average level. Otherwise, if it is taken to extremes, it is very detrimental. Therefore, women should refrain from clothes, cosmetics, glamorous extravagance, gold and jewels and be indifferent towards these so that God willing more attention will be paid to the real beauty and radiance.

Source: IRNA
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