Islam has respect for the family
مقام معظم رهبری

Islam has respect for the family. Today, all the conflicts of the Western propagandist loudspeakers with the Muslims are about this problem. Look how they are sensitive to the issue of hijab! They regard it abominable in the Islamic Republic. They are sensitive when they see it used eagerly and consciously by young female students at the universities of the Arab countries. If it is among political parties they will show sensitivity. If it is in schools and even primary schools of their own countries - though under their control - they will show sensitivity. So here is the point of difference. Of course, they permanently shout in their propaganda that the rights of women are not observed in Islam or in the Islamic Republic. They themselves do not believe in this. They know that women's rights in the Islamic Republic have been promoted and not weakened. You may observe the number of female students - girls educated at high centers - and compare the number to that of the despots' period. You will discover that the number is greater today. The number of outstanding girls who stand first in their studies is greater today. The number of women working in medical and research centers is greater today. The number of women who are active in the country's political scenes and the international communities who speak for their own country and nation is definitely greater. That time women traveled with different missions but it was merely something formal. It was merely for self-indulgence. But today the Muslim woman at international assemblies, various world conferences and scientific and academic centers are scientifically or politically present. This is very valuable.

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